Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Tonight our women's church group got together and some of the Filipino ladies taught us how to make pansit.  My family has definitely become fans of this awesome dish.  I will try making it on my own soon!!!
The amount of ingredients is completely dependent on how much you plan to make.  It doesn't keep more than a day I'm told so less is more, I would imagine.  I'll try to add how much we used tonight.  While the two ladies were showing us how to make it, I was standing by another lady that would give me other tips so I'll add those in the parenthesis.
Chicken, beef, shrimp or pork--abt. 1 1/2 lbs. (usually you stir fry the meat, but you can boil the chicken if you are using chicken thighs with bones.  If you boil the meat, then you can save the broth to use for later.)
Celery--4 Cabbage--1 headGreen beans--1/2 lb.?Onion--1Garlic--6-8

Vegetable OilOyster SauceSoy SauceBihon Seasoning--1 packetBlack PepperSuper Bihon Noodles--We used 1 packages of rice noodles and 2 packages of corn starch noodles combined.  If you use the corn starch or rice noodles, SOAK noodles in water in the bag while cooking chicken and veggies (you don't want the noodles to be soggy...just lightly moist.)  If you use the flour noodles, no need to soak them in water first!

Cut veggies into slivers (long & thin...it's important for presentation to have them all cut the same.) and mince garlic.  Cut meat into strips.  Pour oil into a hot pan.  When oil is hot, add onions and garlic.  When they have started to saute, add your meat.  When meat is almost fully cooked, add a few drops of oyster sauce and stir fry.  Add carrots, green beans, celery and cabbage.  Keep mixing.  Add water as needed (you can add a little seasoning from the bihon seasoning packet or use the meat broth if you boiled your meat).  Mix and add a few drops of soy sauce and a dash or two of black pepper.  Stir fry for about 10-15 min (don't overcook...the veggies should still be firm).  Remove veggies and put to the side.  Leave any liquid broth in the pan.  Add seasoning to broth (should be about 1 cup...may be more if using a lot of noodles).  Add noodles to broth and cook.  Lower heat and cook approx 10 min until soft.  Add in veggies and keep mixing.  Be VERY careful not to burn the noodles.  Add more soy sauce as needed.  (You can also squeeze lemon over top and mix in.)  Pour in serving dish.  Leave open.  Do not cover while it's hot or it will spoil.

I see lumpia and pansit replacing something on our monthly menu VERY soon!!!!!

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