Sunday, May 10, 2009


It's getting harder and harder to figure out what to's what we've had the past few weeks:

26--Fried Chicken
27--Denny's (Kids eat FREE on Tuesday & Saturday nights)
28--Hamburgers & Hot dogs
29--Alfredo Pasta
30--BBQ Chicken w/ Corn on the Cob
2--$5 Pizza (kids had a babysitter)
4--Hurdsman Chicken
5--Tried to go out for mexican food...ended up at Hometown Buffet
6--Western Burgers
8--Ate out for mexican food since we didn't get any on Cinco de Mayo
9--No cooking at home...we were very busy! :)
10--Turkey (yeah, for my roaster!)

As for the kitchen, we're on hold until the last cabinet arrives. (Hopefully by Friday it will arrive.) As soon as it's installed, the counter tops can be made (which take about 2 weeks) and the flooring can be installed. So...we'll be living like this for at least 3 more weeks. We'll make it!