Monday, March 2, 2009

Garlic Tomato Chicken Pasta

We first had this at our friends, the Rices, a couple of years ago. We enjoy this yummy dinner even though Dave rarely eats tomatoes. (I've tried it without the tomatoes and he even admitted it's much tastier with the YEAH I get my tomato fix).

Chicken cooked and cubed
Pasta cooked and drained
1 bottle of Alfredo sauce (We usually use the "Cheesy Ragu Classic Alfredo")
Tomato, chopped
Garlic, minced.

I start by boiling the chicken since it's always frozen. When it's done, I cube it and brown it in a pan just a bit. Boil the noodles (any type of pasta will work) and drain. Pour in one bottle of alfredo, chopped tomatoes (as much as you like), and one minced garlic clove into the chicken. Stir together and heat. Pour over noodles and stir or serve sauce separately from the noodles.

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