Thursday, June 11, 2009

Garlic Bread

We're back in our kitchen completely as of midnight!!!!!! Last night for dinner I actually was able to use my stove top so I made a very yummy Cheesy Veggie Chowder that I added about one cup of chopped ham to. I also made DELICIOUS garlic bread that I was craving more of all night!!! I didn't even get a picture because it was devoured so quickly.

I bought a loaf of French bread earlier that morning. I preheated the pan I was baking it on at 350 degrees for 10 minutes while I prepped the bread. I laid out a piece of foil, cut the bread in half, and made this mixture in a bowl: 1/2 cup margarine, 2 cloves of garlic pressed with my Pampered Chef garlic press, and about 1/2 tsp parsley. Mix together well and spread on top of each half of bread. I then sprinkled grated Parmesan Cheese on top. By this time, the pan was warm, so I switched the oven to Broil (high) and added the bread to the top of the pan with the foil under the bread. I broiled the bread for about 3 minutes. Checked it and broiled it for one more minute. PERFECT-O!!!!!! The kids ate more soup than they ever have because they had something yummy to dip in it. Give it a try :)

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