Saturday, April 25, 2009

How you know you're doing a kitchen remodel...

You actually buy cookies from the store. I miss my oven!


Amber said...

I'm glad that you took a picture of them. You werent kidding... You didn't just buy one kind of cookies, you bought COOKIES! :)
Just kidding... I am just giving you a hard time!
You are a GREAT cook- I bet your family is getting ready for Mom's cookies!

Becky said...

Pah-leeese. Store bought cookies?? AKKK!!! :0)

You are definitely a candidate for super mom/cook/awesome woman of the year! How on earth do you do everything you do???

I MISS cooking. My family is getting tired of chicken nuggets/mac & cheese/ and hot dogs. One of the best things about being 1 week away from finishing the semester is getting to cook for my family for the whole summer! I use the cookbook you gave me for Christmas one year ALL the time. . . but I will be visiting THIS blog a lot too!!

My next adventure. . . . freezer meals! Will you do a post about those? I need to cook all day Saturday and freeze 6 or 7 meals.